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What Is Neck Lift Recovery Like?

Neck lift surgery is also called lower rhytidectomy. It is a cosmetic surgical procedure designed to improve the appearance of your neck and jawline. If you have plenty of sagging, loose or wrinkling skin in this region, due to age or massive weight loss, you may be the right candidate for this surgery.

What To Expect During Neck Lift Recovery?

After the neck lift surgery, the surgeon will wrap your neck and face in a bandage. This helps minimize the bruising or swelling that may occur after the completion of the procedure. Sometimes the surgeon places a thin tube at the incision site to drain away excess fluid or blood that might gather underneath the skin.

Before being discharged, your surgeon will provide specific aftercare instructions that address the following:

  • medications that you can take orally or apply to reduce infection and aid healing
  • how to take care of the drain and surgical site?
  • how to identify signs of infection, particularly at the incision site
  • when to appear for follow-up appointments

While recovering at home, you must keep your head elevated at all times. The position of your head must be above the heart. This minimizes swelling. Avoid excessive bending or twisting of the neck. Additionally, refrain from applying ice to the neck region. This may compromise blood flow and cause skin death.

You can expect minimal pain and bruising for a few weeks after the surgery. In case the discomfort becomes unmanageable, your surgeon will prescribe pain control medications. Most patients make a complete recovery and return to a normal life routine within a couple of weeks.


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