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Where will my surgery be performed?

Dr. Pautler performs surgery only at accredited surgical facilities. These surgery centers must meet stringent health, equipment, and sanitary requirements to be accredited, and are therefore the best place for your surgery to take place. Small procedures done under local anesthetic and nonsurgical procedures, like BOTOX®, are performed in our office because they require little or no recovery time.


Will my surgery results look natural?

Dr. Pautler is committed to creating as beautiful and natural a result as possible for residents of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and surrounding areas. For example, during the breast enlargement procedure, she takes skin condition, initial breast size and shape, body type, and the patient’s desires into account when outlining a treatment plan.


Will there be scarring?

Some procedures leave short scars in very concealed areas such as in breast augmentation and facelifts. While most procedures offered through our Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, area practice – such as breast reduction – will leave a short scar, strategic placement goes a long way in minimizing the appearance of short scars.

Dr. Pautler is one of the few surgeons in the area to perform breast reduction through a short scar of scar minimizing technique also known as a ”LeJour“ ,”Vertical“ or “Hall-Findlay” technique.


How long will surgery take?

The duration of your surgery will depend upon many factors, including the type of surgery, the extent or level of correction, and the number of procedures done during your operation. More complicated procedures and multiple procedures take longer than single procedural operations.

For example, patients at our Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, area practice who undergo breast augmentation can expect to be in surgery for one to two hours, while total body recontouring after weight loss can take up to 8 or 9 hours.


How will I look after surgery?

Prior to your surgery, Dr. Pautler will clearly explain what to expect.

We show several pre-op and post-op photos of patients with similar body types or characteristics so you can get an idea of what results you can expect. This eases your mind as it also shows what the doctor can accomplish.

It is important to remember that plastic surgery cannot make you look like a completely different person – it will not change who you are or how people treat you. Patients that expect improvement, and not perfection, are typically the happiest with their results.


How long will recovery take?

The length of your recovery depends on many factors, including which surgery you choose, your overall health prior to surgery, and the extent of the surgery itself. Most surgery patients can expect to return to work and resume normal activities within a month. Swelling often lasts beyond this time, but will subside shortly.

For most surgeries, such as breast augmentation, patients can usually see their final results in several months. For injections, such as BOTOX® or Restylane®, recovery time is significantly shorter. Patients can continue normal activities that day, and they can expect to see the complete results of their injection within a week.


How can I pay for my surgery?

Insurance does not offer coverage for cosmetic procedures. Dr. Pautler is non-participating with all medical insurances. We accept payment by credit card, cash, or check, and we also participate with a financing company called Care Credit. If your procedure is not covered by insurance, we can help you choose a financing plan that is right for you. We work closely with several financing companies and can arrange the details of your transaction. We also accept payment by credit card, cash, or check.


What are the risks?

As with any surgery, plastic surgery carries with it some risks. Bleeding, infection, an unexpected reaction to anesthesia, or a prolonged recovery can occur with any surgery, big or small. We will inform you of any specific risks associated with the procedure(s) you are contemplating so that you can make an informed decision.


Am I a candidate for surgery?

Anyone who is healthy may be a candidate for plastic surgery. However, some patients can expect better results than others for certain procedures.

For example, breast augmentation candidates with heavier breasts may not be able to maintain their results for as long as someone with lighter breasts due to the increased pull of gravity on the breasts.

Patients with greater skin elasticity and localized pockets of fat may be able to expect better results from liposuction, while patients with many stretch marks and saggy skin will have a lesser result.


How do I determine the right breast size for me? What shape, size, surface texturing, incision site, and breast placement site is recommended for me?

At the initial plastic surgery consultation, Dr. Pautler will discuss your expectations, describe all of your options and procedures, show you “before and after” plastic surgery pictures of similar patients, and answer all your questions. Regarding plastic surgeries involving the breasts, Dr. Pautler guides her patients through all the plastic surgery options currently available in breast implants. The patient’s breast volume, shape, placement of the nipple, and individual plastic surgery desires are all factored into the decision of what breast implant is best. Dr. Pautler also guides her plastic surgery patients though deciding on breast implant size, based on the width of the breast base, the compliance (stretch) of the breast skin, and the height and weight of the plastic surgery patient. Also, by looking at several “before and after” plastic surgery photos of other plastic surgery patients with similar characteristics, plastic surgery patients can make a very informed and confident choice of breast implant size.


What herbs and supplements should I use before or after plastic surgery?

Vitamin C: This vitamin helps boost plastic surgery wound healing. It is available over-the-counter and is helpful to take two weeks before and two weeks after plastic surgery. Drink plenty of pineapple juice before and after plastic surgery. Pineapple juice contains natural ingredients to help minimize bruising.


What is the biggest misconception patients have about any procedure involving breast implants?

It is rather common for women to think silicone-gel implants are unsafe. The FDA has approved silicone-gel implants after numerous scientific studies. These studies have shown over the years that silicone gel-filled breast implants are both safe and effective for breast augmentation and reconstruction. You must be over 22 when your body is considered fully matured to receive silicone-gel breast implants.


How do you minimize visible scarring? How visible are the scars after plastic surgery? How long does it take for the scars to fade post plastic surgery?

You should massage your plastic surgery scars a few times a day with a product such as vitamin E oil, cocoa butter or Mederma applying pressure while massaging the plastic surgery scars. The pressure during the massage is more important than the type of cream product used. Combined with massage, these emollients can help accelerate softening, fading, and maturation of scars from plastic surgery. Silicone preparations are also available, but costly, and more suitable for patients that have a known tendency to form poor scars. Every individual is unique. Some women heal quickly and some heal slowly. In general, skin type determines the quality of the plastic surgery scar. Despite the most meticulous plastic surgery technique, some individuals heal poorly, while others heal beautifully. Age can also play a factor in healing time after plastic surgery. The older you are the less red and tender your plastic surgery scars may appear while younger women may have pink or reddish scars that will be tender for several months and may take up to a year to fade.


Do you ever turn patients away?

During the initial consultation, Dr. Pautler may discover a potential plastic surgery patient is not in good health, or a potential plastic surgery patient is under 18 and does not have parental consent, the plastic surgery is unwarranted or there is a complication or issue that prevents a potential plastic surgery patient from going forward with plastic surgery.


What can I expect at the first consultation?

At the initial plastic surgery consultation, Dr. Pautler will discuss your health history, examine your desired plastic surgery area, discuss your plastic surgery expectations, describe all of your plastic surgery options and plastic surgery procedures, show you “before and after” plastic surgery pictures of similar plastic surgery patients, and answer all your plastic surgery questions.

You should also be prepared to inform Dr. Pautler of the type of exercise, sports or physical activities are important to you, provide Dr. Pautler with a complete list of prescriptions, over-the-counter medications, herbals and supplements you take and to be very clear regarding your plastic surgery expectations. Regarding breast plastic surgeries, inform Dr. Pautler of the largest breast size you have ever been. This information provides insight into the ability for your breast skin and tissue to stretch.


What are the risks and complications associated with having breast implants?

Plastic surgery risks and complications can vary based on plastic surgery procedures. Dr. Pautler will discuss all the potential risks and complications with you prior to your plastic surgery. To:


How many additional implant-related operations can I expect over my lifetime?

Every breast augmentation patient needs to accept the remote possibility of needing a revision at some point in her life after the initial breast augmentation. Issues that tend to increase this risk are breast implant placement above the muscle, very large volume breast implants (because they are heavy), and underfilling of saline breast implants. However, there are factors that are beyond the surgeon’s control and are unpredictable, such as unusually stretchy breast tissue or asymmetric chest walls that make symmetric breast augmentation impossible. Equally unpredictable are the effects of gravity, pregnancies, weight gain or loss and breastfeeding on a patient’s breasts.


How will my ability to breastfeed be affected?

Although rare and unlikely, there is always a possibility that you may not be able to breastfeed after plastic surgery that involves the breasts. If the ability, to breastfeed your children is very important to you, you may want to post-pone plastic surgery involving your breasts until you no longer intend to breastfeed.

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    Amazing Person

    "Dr. Paulter is an amazing person. I wanted to have a breast augmentation but was nervous. She took the time to fully explain everything to me. I never felt as if a question was stupid or not worth her time. I quickly realized that I had found the right doctor. My surgery went very well, thanks to the expert hands of Dr. Paulter. The first few days of my recovery were as expected. Then I noticed that my incisions were becoming increasingly itchy. On a Saturday morning, I called the number Dr. Paulter had given me. A little while later, she met me in her office. I was having a rare allergic reaction to the adhesive. She was able to treat me and told me to come into the office on Monday. I was very grateful for this weekend visit with her. Much to my surprise, I got a phone call the next day, from Dr. Paulter. It was a Sunday! She was calling to see how I was feeling. I would definitely recommend her to anyone. I wish more doctors were as caring and as compassionate as her.”

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    She is absolutely amazing!

    "I recently went to Dr. Pautler to have my first breast augmentation back in May 2017. Dr. Pautler is such an amazing women and surgeon. From the moment I walked into her office for my consultation to my last follow up appointment, every one in her office was so welcoming, professional, and made my experience so much better. She took a lot of time with me during our initial consultation to discuss all of my options. She was so honest with me from the get go and I instantly felt comfortable putting my personal appearance into her hands. I never once felt that she tried to pressure me into doing anything that I was not comfortable with. Her bedside manner is absolutely amazing...and I am a nurse who works on a post surgical unit and frequently see how surgeons do not always have the best bedside manner. The staff in her office are so friendly and remember you when you come in for all of your appointments...and that meant a lot to me that I was not just another patient. During my pre-op and post op stages at the hospital, all of the staff had great things to say about her. They often refer to her as "amazing", which made me feel so good! I am now completely healed from the surgery, and I could not be happier with my results. She made me feel so much better about my physical appearance and I have so much more confidence now thanks to her!”

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    Excellent surgeon and friendly, professional staff.

    "Worth the long drive. The local surgeons close to me have 2 hour long office waits, incompetent staff, change pricing and hospital locations at zero hour, and don't explain everything well. Dr. Pautler came recommended to me and I'm glad she was.”

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    "Wonderful doctor who is so caring! Having her perform my mommy makeover was the best decision of my life!! My body looks amazing thanks to her!”

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    Arm liposuction - I can wear every dress I'd always wanted to

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    Dr. Pautler is absolutely amazing! There is no one better

    "I recently went to Dr. Pautler to have my first breast augmentation back in May 2017. Dr. Pautler is such an amazing women and surgeon. From the moment I walked into her office for my consultation to my last follow up appointment, every one in her office was so welcoming, professional, and made my experience so much better. She took a lot of time with me during our initial consultation to...”

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