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Rhinoplasty, also called plastic surgery of the nose or a “nose job,” can change the shape and appearance of your nose, bringing your nose into greater harmony with the rest of your face. Rhinoplasty is a popular procedure that can make profound differences not only in the balance of facial features but also in a person’s self-esteem. The aesthetic improvements that plastic surgeon Dr. Simona Pautler can make include: decreasing or increasing the size of the nose, altering the tip or bridge of the nose, and narrowing or changing the shape of the nostrils.

About Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty is a very delicate and skill-oriented operation, performed with great patience and care by Dr. Simona Pautler. Before the nose plastic surgery procedure, Dr. Pautler takes photos and precise measurements of the nose. She then formulates a unique plan for each rhinoplasty procedure based on the patient’s concerns, anatomy, and nasal tissue characteristics. For more information on rhinoplasty, contact our Pittsburgh area plastic surgery practice.

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"Dr. Pautler is fantastic. I had a breast augmentation and lift in December 2017 after one of my implants ruptured from a previous augmentation done about 15 years ago (with a different doctor). The results are exactly what I was hoping for! Dr Pautler also has a great bedside manner, is very patient and answers all your questions, works with you to figure out what you're looking for, and is extremely talented. I don't have enough amazing things to say about her and my experience. I also had a pretty quick recovery. Was up and moving around a day or two after surgery with minimal pain. The office staff is also so helpful!  I'm adding this review because I did a ton of research when looking for a plastic surgeon and I'm posting this for the next person who isn't sure which doctor to choose. Choose Dr. Pautler. She's amazing."

"In all aspects of the surgical experience over a five month period of time from initial consultation to most recent followup appointment, each and every aspect of my experience with this entire professional office stands as a model for what all patients deserve who place their trust and well being in the hands of medical professionals. Please continue to offer this exemplary standard of care, respect, support, and medical expertise that made for such a personal positive experience and result."

"Dr. Pautler is the best! I had a tummy tuck and liposuction of my sides. My results are better than I could have ever dreamed of!! I finally have my body back! Dr. Pautler spent a lot of time with me before the surgery explaining all the ins and outs. I saw her and her nurse a lot after the surgery and they were always available to answer any questions. I highly recommend her!"


"She is amazing. A truly careful, competent and artistic plastic surgeon who is also a good and decent person. I met with all the top plastic surgeons in the area and went with Dr. Pautler. She will take good care of you and you will love the results. I know people who have come in from far away for procedures after seeing her results. Seriously the best decision I made was choosing her for this procedure."


Rhinoplasty FAQs

Rhinoplasty is one of the most common cosmetic surgeries performed and is also one of the most complex surgeries. This demanding procedure requires extensive surgical skills and meticulous attention to detail, especially when reshaping the tip of the nose. However, an experienced rhinoplasty plastic surgeon understands the unique anatomy of each patient's nasal tip and the various surgical techniques to produce exceptional results.

While the nasal tip is often considered the most challenging aspect of rhinoplasty surgeries, several other errors in the surgical correction can result in unwanted results. Thus it is important to research the plastic surgeon, read reviews, and review pre- and post-operative photos to ensure you place your nose in qualified hands.

When considering a rhinoplasty in Pittsburgh, several questions are important to help select the right surgeon and understand the requirements of the procedure. Here is a list of common questions to ask your surgeon during a consultation.

  • Are you certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery?
  • Are you a member of the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery?
  • Are you a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons?
  • Is the office-based surgical facility accredited by a nationally- or state-recognized accrediting agency or state-licensed or Medicare-certified?
  • Am I a good candidate for this procedure?
  • How long can I expect to recover, and what kind of help will I need during my recovery?
  • What are my options if I am dissatisfied with the cosmetic outcome of my nose surgery?
  • Do you have before-and-after photos I can look at for this procedure and what results are reasonable for me?

Yes. The delicate anatomy and the critical role of the nose in breathing results in rhinoplasty being the most revised cosmetic procedure. Approximately 5% to 15% of rhinoplasties will require revision surgery to correct an under-corrected or post-surgical deformity. Some of the most common revision reasons include:

  • A residual hump, roundness, or asymmetry of the nose
  • Accidental or traumatic damage to a rhinoplasty
  • Breathing issues
  • Scar tissue complications

A failed nose job is an emotional blow to patients and can occur because of several reasons. The most common reasons for a failed rhinoplasty include:

  • Poor pre-operative evaluations and planning
  • Improperly placed incisions
  • Excessive removal of bone or cartilage from the nasal bridge
  • Damage to the cartilage of the nasal tip
  • Excessive removal of cartilage from the septum dividing the nostrils

A nose job in Pittsburgh typically fairs well over time. Once the cartilage and bone have healed after the rhinoplasty procedure, the results are considered permanent. This means the contour and shape of the nose should remain the same as you age.

However, because this procedure does not stop the normal aging process, one can notice changes in the soft tissues of the nose during aging. The degree of change varies between patients but a rhinoplasty does not make the changes occur earlier or more severely.


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