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Breast lift surgery (also known as a mastopexy) applies the arts of plastic surgery to remove sagging skin around the breast area and to move the breast and nipple-areola area to a higher position causing a younger, elevated, more pleasing breast shape.

Over time, the natural aging process can cause a woman’s breasts to sag and lose their shape (this is known as breast ptosis). Other common causes of breast ptosis are pregnancy, prolonged breast feeding and significant weight loss. Breast lift (mastopexy) is a surgical procedure that not only lifts the breast but also reshapes and tightens the tissue. It can occasionally reduce the breast size if deemed too large or increase the size of the breast by adding an implant when necessary to achieve the desired size. After the procedure, women can expect firmer, more shapely and youthful appearing breasts.

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Why Breast Lift?

Women may need breast lift surgery due to:

  • Pregnancies and Breastfeeding – pregnancies and breastfeeding can alter the appearance of a woman’s breasts, making her breasts appear droopy, elongated or ridden with stretch-marks.
  • Natural Nipple Displacement – some women may naturally have nipples that point downward or are placed lower on the breast than they would prefer.
  • Breast Augmentation or Implant Removal – some women may require a breast lift when receiving or removing a breast implant to achieve a symmetrical, cosmetically pleasing appearance. Learn more about Combination Breast Augmentation and Mastopexy.
  • Gravity – over time, gravity takes a toll pulling breasts to a lower position.

The Benefits of Breast Lift Surgery

  • Youthful Breast Contour – with breast lift surgery, women can return their breasts to a more youthful appearance rather than face breasts that were negatively affected by pregnancies, breastfeeding and gravity.
  • Self-Confidence – women with natural nipple displacement no longer suffer psychological discomfort or embarrassment regarding their breast appearance and can become more confident and increase their self-esteem.

The Breast Lift Procedure

  • Prior to breast lift surgeryDr. Pautler draws a pattern on the breast with the patient in the upright position. Breast skin is removed and nipple placement will be done according to this pattern ensuring proportional and shapely results. Learn more about before breast lift surgery directions.
  • During the breast lift surgery – breast skin is removed according to the pattern, and the nipple and areola area is repositioned higher on the breast mound. The surgery takes approximately 2 or 3 hours (1.5 hours per breast) and is done with general anesthesia or deep sedation. Prior to completion of the breast lift surgery, Dr. Pautler sits each patient up allowing the breasts to drop to verify the breasts are as symmetrical as possible. In some cases, she then inserts a small drain into each breast, the incisions are closed and a light compressive bra is placed on the patient all before the patient is awakened from the anesthesia. Learn more about the risks associated with breast lift surgery.
  • After the breast lift surgery – If drains are needed, they are removed the day after surgery. Recovery is approximately 4-6 weeks. The light compressive bra is worn during the entire time of recovery. Learn more about after breast lift surgery directions.

It is the goal of plastic surgery to minimize scarring or make scarring as discrete as possible. In the case of breast lift surgery, Dr. Pautler will use one of the following breast lift methods to reduce scarring:

  • Donut Mastopexy – the plastic surgery incision is limited to the area around the areola. Donut mastopexies are limited to breasts that need adjustment of nipple height rather than tightening of the breast mound. A donut mastopexy is also used for cosmetic surgery when a wide areola requires narrowing.
  • Vertical Mastopexy – also known as a lollipop mastopexy, the plastic surgery incision is around the areola and with an up and down climb to the crease underneath the breast.
  • Standard Mastopexy – for additional tightening and lifting the plastic surgery scar is around the areola, up-and-down from the areola, and underneath in the crease beneath the breast.

Contact Our Office

Dr. Pautler will discuss all of these options for breast lift surgery at the initial consultation. For more information or to make an appointment for your initial breast lift consultation, contact Dr. Pautler’s plastic surgery practice near Pittsburgh.

If you would like to find out more about breast lift, contact our plastic surgery practice near Pittsburgh to schedule a consultation.

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Testimonial for Breast Lift

I believe Dr. Pautler is a superior surgeon and is a wonderful choice if you’re interested in a breast lift.”

— Linda B., Pennsylvania


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FAQs for for Breast Lift (Mastopexy)

During the initial consultation, Dr. Pautler will discuss all your options with you. Nipple placement, droopiness and the amount of breast tissue you already have can affect your decision to have a breast lift, breast augmentation, or a combination breast augmentation and mastopexy.
Many factors can affect the duration of a breast lift. These factors include pregnancies, breastfeeding and losing or gaining weight. If you lose a significant amount of weight, the breasts may become flabbier. If you gain a significant amount of weight, the breasts will become larger and gravity will have more of a negative effect. You can have as many breast lifts as time, health and other factors may dictate.
A light compressive bra should be worn for all physical activities to limit negative effects on breast size, shape and elevation. In some cases, especially if you have a large cup size, you should even wear a light compressive bra while you sleep.
Every individual is unique. Some women heal quickly and some heal slowly. In general, skin type determines the quality of the scar. Despite the most meticulous technique, some individuals heal poorly, while others heal beautifully. Age can also play a factor in healing time after breast lift surgery. The older you are the less red and tender your breast lift scars may appear while younger women may have pink or reddish scars that will be tender for several months and may take up to a year to fade. A patient should massage the scars a few times a day with a product such as vitamin E oil or cocoa butter applying pressure while massaging the scars. The pressure during the massage is more important than the type of cream product used.
  • Our Patient Reviews

    Amazing Person

    "Dr. Paulter is an amazing person. I wanted to have a breast augmentation but was nervous. She took the time to fully explain everything to me. I never felt as if a question was stupid or not worth her time. I quickly realized that I had found the right doctor. My surgery went very well, thanks to the expert hands of Dr. Paulter. The first few days of my recovery were as expected. Then I noticed that my incisions were becoming increasingly itchy. On a Saturday morning, I called the number Dr. Paulter had given me. A little while later, she met me in her office. I was having a rare allergic reaction to the adhesive. She was able to treat me and told me to come into the office on Monday. I was very grateful for this weekend visit with her. Much to my surprise, I got a phone call the next day, from Dr. Paulter. It was a Sunday! She was calling to see how I was feeling. I would definitely recommend her to anyone. I wish more doctors were as caring and as compassionate as her.”

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  • Our Patient Reviews

    She is absolutely amazing!

    "I recently went to Dr. Pautler to have my first breast augmentation back in May 2017. Dr. Pautler is such an amazing women and surgeon. From the moment I walked into her office for my consultation to my last follow up appointment, every one in her office was so welcoming, professional, and made my experience so much better. She took a lot of time with me during our initial consultation to discuss all of my options. She was so honest with me from the get go and I instantly felt comfortable putting my personal appearance into her hands. I never once felt that she tried to pressure me into doing anything that I was not comfortable with. Her bedside manner is absolutely amazing...and I am a nurse who works on a post surgical unit and frequently see how surgeons do not always have the best bedside manner. The staff in her office are so friendly and remember you when you come in for all of your appointments...and that meant a lot to me that I was not just another patient. During my pre-op and post op stages at the hospital, all of the staff had great things to say about her. They often refer to her as "amazing", which made me feel so good! I am now completely healed from the surgery, and I could not be happier with my results. She made me feel so much better about my physical appearance and I have so much more confidence now thanks to her!”

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  • Our Patient Reviews

    Excellent surgeon and friendly, professional staff.

    "Worth the long drive. The local surgeons close to me have 2 hour long office waits, incompetent staff, change pricing and hospital locations at zero hour, and don't explain everything well. Dr. Pautler came recommended to me and I'm glad she was.”

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  • Our Patient Reviews

    Five Stars

    "Wonderful doctor who is so caring! Having her perform my mommy makeover was the best decision of my life!! My body looks amazing thanks to her!”

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    Arm liposuction - I can wear every dress I'd always wanted to

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    Absolutely the BEST Experience

    "I was on the fence with going through a Breast Augmentation for a few years. There were obvious reasons on why I wanted one, but I knew that going through with this surgery would need to be done at the best time with the best doctor. After visiting a few doctors that I was uncomfortable with, someone I knew personally suggested trying her doctor, Dr. Pautler. I immediately called the office...”

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  • Our Patient Reviews

    Dr. Pautler is absolutely amazing! There is no one better

    "I recently went to Dr. Pautler to have my first breast augmentation back in May 2017. Dr. Pautler is such an amazing women and surgeon. From the moment I walked into her office for my consultation to my last follow up appointment, every one in her office was so welcoming, professional, and made my experience so much better. She took a lot of time with me during our initial consultation to...”

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