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Buttock Augmentation

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Buttock augmentation using fat transfer is done by taking excess fat from other parts of the body and using that fat to improve the appearance of the buttocks. This procedure creates a shapelier rear end with improved volume and curve. Dr. Pautler offers top-notch buttock augmentation in Pittsburgh to enhance your backside while contouring away excess fat.

About Buttock Augmentation

A small, flat, saggy backside often contributes to a person’s low self-esteem. It can occur as a result of the natural aging process, injury, or weight loss. If this is something you’ve been worrying about, buttock augmentation may be what you’re looking for.

The Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) is a popular type of buttock augmentation that can reshape and enhance your bottom through fat grafting. This means that your own natural fat cells will be used to achieve perfect contours.

Fat cells are harvested from trouble areas and then go through a purification process. This ensures that all unnecessary liquid will be removed, leaving only concentrated fat to be injected into your buttocks.

One of the benefits of this kind of butt enhancement is that your own natural fat is used, which means it’s easier for your body to accept it without risk of rejection or allergic reaction.

What Is Buttock Augmentation Like?

To enhance the buttock area, fat can be removed from the abdomen, back, thighs, and/or flanks, rinsed and purified and injected into the gluteal region. Although additional volume is important, what is taken away also creates a nice, round shape. Emphasizing a thin waist by maximal fat removal in the flank and lower back area is the first step and then the addition of fat into the buttocks to give more projection and roundness laterally is the second step. Fat is ideal because there is little chance for a rejection, extrusion or infection. However, as with any fat transfer some re-absorption always occurs, roughly 16 to 20%.

Dr. Pautler usually transfers anywhere from 250 to 900 cc’s, depending on the patient’s size and desires and amount of fat available.

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Who Is in Need of Buttock Augmentation?

Patients who are looking to enhance the volume and definition of their buttocks would be the ideal candidates for a Brazilian butt lift. They would need to be in good health and should also have realistic expectations.

For patients who are still in the process of losing a significant amount of weight, waiting until they achieve their target weight would be recommended. It is also important to retain enough fat for transfer. Cutting back on drinking or smoking is necessary before the date of surgery.

Your Consultation

Calling ahead to schedule a consultation for buttock augmentation is the first step in the butt enhancement process. Patients will get more information about the BBL procedure and can tell Dr. Pautler about their aesthetic goals. During the visit, patients will be asked questions regarding their expectations, and their medical history will be discussed.

Any concerns or questions that patients may have can also be discussed during the consultation. They will be taken through the steps involved and will be told how they can best prepare for their buttock augmentation.

Healing and Recovery

Swelling and bruising are normal following your fat transfer buttock augmentation. While you may be able to continue with your normal activities after the first few weeks, avoid any strenuous tasks while you’re healing.

You will need to wear a compression garment during the healing process, and Dr. Pautler will provide you with instructions for your recovery.

The Cost of Buttock Augmentation

There are several factors that go into determining the cost of buttock augmentation, including anesthesia fees and total surgery time. Prices will often be determined following a consultation.

Contact Us to Schedule Your Consultation

Patients who want to learn more about what a buttock augmentation in Pittsburgh involves can schedule a consultation with Dr. Simona Pautler.

Buttock Augmentation Photos

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    Excellent surgeon and friendly, professional staff.

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