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One of the earliest signs of aging is the drooping of the eyebrows. Loose skin and the loss of fat around the brow, forehead, and temples contribute to this. A brow lift, sometimes called a forehead lift, is a procedure designed to raise the eyebrows, smooth the forehead, and reduce signs of aging. A brow lift is similar to a facelift and can improve the face’s overall appearance. The result of this type of plastic surgery is a more aesthetically pleasing, refreshed appearance.

Am I a Good Candidate For a Brow Lift?

Ideal candidates for a brow lift procedure are typically 40 years of age or older, as it is around this time when the brow line will begin to sag.

A brow lift is ideal for men and women who are unhappy with the position of their brows and would prefer them to be in a higher, more youthful position. Candidates may also wish to improve drooping brows, deep lines within the forehead, heavy sagging eyelids, and/or a tired or older appearance to the face. 

The ideal candidate will be in good physical and mental health, have realistic expectations for the procedure, and be a non-smoker.

What Are The Benefits of a Brow Lift?

Wrinkles around the eyes and sagging eyebrows can result in an older, more tired appearance in both men and women. A brow lift can help reverse the signs of aging, taking years off your appearance. Other benefits of a brow lift include:

  • Restoration of the natural position and arch of the eyebrow
  • Tighten the forehead skin and soften wrinkles
  • Reduce the appearance of crow’s feet
  • Remove excess skin from the forehead

Brow Lift Procedures

Endoscopic Brow Lift

During an “endoscopic” brow lift, an endoscope is inserted beneath the skin through three small incisions in order to lift and restore the position of the brow, creating an “unoperated” look with less scarring.

Gliding Brow Lift


The gliding brow lift details by Dr. Pautler:

"This procedure has four small incisions, each about half a cm long, and can lift just the arch, the middle, or the whole brow. This is a simple surgery to elevate the brows and/or change the shape (like adding more of an arch to the lateral brow). I say "simple" because it involves no special equipment, like an endoscope or fancy instruments, and the fixation relies on the body’s natural healing mechanisms instead of screws, plates, or absorbable tacks. It can be done under local anesthesia with sedation alone or in combination with other facial procedures. This type of lift can be tailored to address just the lateral brow, just the medial brow, or the whole brow. Forehead wrinkles are not eliminated, but very much improved.

The forehead is prepped with a cleansing agent, and A LOT of dilute local anesthetic is slowly injected under the skin. The fluid injection helps “hydro dissect” the skin from the muscle layer.

Then, through four small incisions made at the hairline, a rounded solid cannula (similar to a rounded knitting needle) is inserted right under the skin, and with a gentle side-to-side and forward and backward motion, the skin is separated from the underlying muscle. This dissection goes all the way down to beneath the eyebrows and to the temple.

With the skin separated from the underlying forehead muscle, the brows can be “glided” higher and, if desired, arched to change the shape. The pull is done with little hooks that engage the skin to allow pull from above. The brow and forehead skin is then fixed into place with about a 20% overcorrection (to accommodate inevitable relaxing.) The fixation is what is unique about this procedure.

A suture is woven through the skin and muscle sandwich and gently compressed ALONG MULTIPLE AREAS, and this continuous suture is known as a Hemostatic net. The body forms an adhesion between the muscle and skin, and this allows for the lift to stay. The sutures stay in for 2-3 days and are removed in the office. The overcorrection settles in about 6 weeks."

Dr. Pautler's recent article, "The “Gliding Browlift” Procedure: Scar Less, Lift More" in NewBeauty further explains her nearly scarless brow transformation technique.

Dr. Pautler Explains Her Signature Gliding Brow Lift Technique

Gliding Brow Lift Recovery

The recovery time is usually 2-3 weeks, mostly to allow for bruising to resolve.
Patients who have a low brow, want an arched brow, or have multiple horizontal wrinkles and want them smoother are all good candidates. A very thick brow or bald people may not be suitable candidates.

There is always a little swelling and bruising, as with any facial surgery. The entire forehead feels numb for about 6-8 weeks, and this can be a little disturbing. The numbness resolves, and as it does, there is often itching, but that resolves too. As with any surgery, infection is possible, as is a nerve injury. Nerve injuries are most often short-lived because the instruments are blunt: they don’t cut anything, but they can bump or bruise a nerve. Smokers must stop for 6-8 weeks to minimize skin slough, another potential complication. People with olive skin tones may develop post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation or suture marks, and post-operative skin bleaching may need to be used.

What to Expect During the Initial Consultation For a Brow Lift

During the initial consultation, Dr. Simona Pautler will evaluate the eyebrows and other facial characteristics to determine if a brow lift is recommended. A review of your medical history will be conducted to ensure this procedure is safe for you. After learning your goals and expectations, Dr. Pautler will develop an individualized plan to provide the best results and rejuvenate the appearance of your eyebrows.

The Cost of a Brow Lift Procedure

The cost of a brow lift depends on several factors, typically ranging from $4,000 to $9,000. The surgeon’s experience with the procedure, the extent of surgery required, any additional procedures, and the associated support staff and surgical fees will determine the overall cost.

Experienced surgeons with significant expertise in performing brow lifts can help achieve the best results making them in high demand. To maintain their expertise, expert surgeons attend additional training and educational opportunities, which can result in higher costs for the procedure.

The performance of additional procedures and the type of anesthesia changes the overall cost of the brow lift procedure. Procedures performed in a surgical facility will have additional fees associated with the surgical site and support staff needed during the procedure. A detailed summary of the procedure costs is provided during the initial consultation to prevent any surprises during your care.

Schedule a Consultation with Simona V. Pautler M.D., F.A.C.S.

The eyebrows are important in facial expressions and help accentuate and draw attention to the eyes. Aging can prematurely impact your youthful appearance, giving you a tired appearance. A brow lift can reverse the signs of aging and give you a younger, more confident look.

Dr. Simona Pautler is a board-certified plastic surgeon with over 23 years of surgical experience. Using both of these brow lift plastic surgery procedures, Dr. Pautler can effectively smooth foreheads, open up heavy lids, and make for a relaxed and refreshed look to the upper face.

For more information on the brow lift, contact our plastic surgery practice near Pittsburgh.

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"Dr. Pautler is fantastic. I had a breast augmentation and lift in December 2017 after one of my implants ruptured from a previous augmentation done about 15 years ago (with a different doctor). The results are exactly what I was hoping for! Dr Pautler also has a great bedside manner, is very patient and answers all your questions, works with you to figure out what you're looking for, and is extremely talented. I don't have enough amazing things to say about her and my experience. I also had a pretty quick recovery. Was up and moving around a day or two after surgery with minimal pain. The office staff is also so helpful!  I'm adding this review because I did a ton of research when looking for a plastic surgeon and I'm posting this for the next person who isn't sure which doctor to choose. Choose Dr. Pautler. She's amazing."

"In all aspects of the surgical experience over a five month period of time from initial consultation to most recent followup appointment, each and every aspect of my experience with this entire professional office stands as a model for what all patients deserve who place their trust and well being in the hands of medical professionals. Please continue to offer this exemplary standard of care, respect, support, and medical expertise that made for such a personal positive experience and result."

"Dr. Pautler is the best! I had a tummy tuck and liposuction of my sides. My results are better than I could have ever dreamed of!! I finally have my body back! Dr. Pautler spent a lot of time with me before the surgery explaining all the ins and outs. I saw her and her nurse a lot after the surgery and they were always available to answer any questions. I highly recommend her!"


"She is amazing. A truly careful, competent and artistic plastic surgeon who is also a good and decent person. I met with all the top plastic surgeons in the area and went with Dr. Pautler. She will take good care of you and you will love the results. I know people who have come in from far away for procedures after seeing her results. Seriously the best decision I made was choosing her for this procedure."



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