Obagi Cosmetic Pittsburgh

obagi logoOBAGI® system is prescription strength and only available through plastic surgery practices like Dr. Simona Pautler in Pittsburgh. OBAGI® combines tretinoin, hydroquinone, and phytic acid as well as other powerful ingredients to combat aging, acne, hyperpigmentation and other skin problems. To learn more about paramedical skincare, please contact Dr. Pautler’s plastic surgery office for a consultation.

The OBAGI® System

The Obagi® Nu-Derm System is a prescription strength skin care line offered at the plastic surgery office near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Conscientious use of the Obagi® Nu-Derm System as prescribed by Dr. Pautler will help repair damaged skin. You will notice that your skin is smoother and clearer, with a healthy even glow. Your skin is supple, firm and naturally hydrated. Most importantly, your skin is healthier and more resilient.

Dr. Pautler’s cosmetic surgery practice highly recommends the Obagi® Nu-Derm System. To accelerate your skin transformations ask us about the Obagi® Blue Peel. To learn more about other nonsurgical services or procedures, please contact Dr. Pautler’s plastic surgery office for a consultation.


The Obagi® Blue Peel is performed by Dr. Pautler in her plastic surgery office and involves a down-time of about 7 to 10 days. Each layer slowly penetrates the skin complexion, so the depth of the peel can be very selective, ranging from a light exfoliation to a deeper level for more dramatic results. Aged and damaged skin cells are denatured and over the next few days, “peel” off as healthy new cells come to the surface.

The peel is effective for problem complexions such as aged and sun-damaged skin, acne scars, freckles and hyperpigmentation. For normal complexions, it can be used for healthy exfoliation. If you are interested in cosmetic nonsurgical procedures like the Obagi® Blue Peel, contact Dr. Pautler’s plastic surgery office for a consultation.

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